Friday, July 25, 2014

Learning From Others Experiences

Implementing a technology plan can be daunting and frustrating. Some people think that it limits student activity but new innovators are creating motion-sensor based games that are requiring students to get up and move. Others feel that it is eliminating the role of a teacher but I think that the teacher is becoming a guide for personalized student learning. Traditional education is changing and becoming more personalized.

We can also learn from other educator’s journey in integrating 1:1 technology. We can learn from their mistakes and success. Mark Paul, a Third Grade educator in East Grand Rapids, Michigan shared his experiences.  His four suggestions for teachers just beginning to integrate may seem simple but all could easily be overlooked.  I would not have thought about setting up a classroom homepage so that it was easier for my student’s (and myself) to navigate through.  Nor would I have thought of checking on the schools filtering system. My favorite suggestion of his is to “Teach student to use technology to teach themselves.” I strongly believe that teaching student to teach themselves is the ultimate purpose of my job. I want to create lifelong learners who know how to seek out the information they need to complete any task in life. Click here to read his short blog. 

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  1. You mention some tips from a 1:1 plan in Michigan. Do you have a link to this plan? Seems like some sound advice.